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This link will take you to the Book Trust's website. The Book Trust have complied a list of 25 books for children aged 9-11 years. How many have you read? Perhaps you could try to read a few: you will find some of them in our school library.

Click on the links below to the Grammar and Punctuation games that will help you with your revision.


  • A game about verbs and tense: there are different levels to this game that will help you with your understanding of verbs and tense.
  • Apostrophes: this game will help you to judge whether apostrophes have been used correctly.
  • A quiz about explanations: have a go at this quiz. It will remind you of the key features of an explanatory text.There is also an interactive activity for you to try.
  • Make a Sentence Game: this game will make you think about structure as well as using words in context. Click on the image of the game to start.
  • Paragraphs: this game gives you some reminders about paragraphs.
  • Spelling Revision: try this game. It has spelling rules that are easily forgotten and also covers words that include an apostrophe.
  • Spot the Sentence Game: try this game, it will help you with your understanding of sentence structure. You can make it more challenging by playing against a timer.
  • Using Inference and Deduction: have a go at this game. You need to listen, read and then escape from a tower!