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Welcome to our website. We hope you will find our site useful and easy to navigate.


Here are links to websites that can help you with your mathematics. Click on the words highlighted in yellow to take you to games and activities.



This activity reminds you how formulas are formed. It is from a key stage 3 website so don't worry if it's a little tricky!!



This website has a game where you can estimate angles.


Area and Perimeter 

Try this game. In 'Explore', you can investigate how shapes with the same area have different perimeters. The 'Game' will also help to develop your skills of visualisation.



Have a go at this game. It is based on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?



This video clip is a reminder of the key learning points relating to vocabulary.



This game can help to remind you of the 'bus shelter method'. We suggest that you start with level c. 


Here is a simple explanation of chunking.


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 

This game compares fractions, decimals and percentages - click on the pairs.


This game about ordering fractions can be found at this link. Just click here 'Ordering Fractions Game' in the second row.



Here is a game about capacity. Just click on 'Taking measures capacity game'.


Here is a game about weight. Just click on 'Taking measures weight game'.


Mental Calculating  

This game is about mentally calculating change. There are 3 levels - go for level 3! Click on 'Change game - with timer'.


Multiplication Tables 

Times Tables Rock Stars is a brilliant website which will help you to build up your tables knowledge and speed.

This game also has division facts to practise.


Negative Numbers

A game to test your knowledge of negative number value.


Pie Charts

Pie Charts: Try this game. It is a bit tricky so don't give up!!

(It's also American, hence the use of the word 'graders' and the spelling of 'favorite'!!)



This quiz can help to remind you of vocabulary related to 3D shape. You can download a worksheet if you choose to.



If you are struggling with how to tell the time, this game might help.

It's basic time telling. There are three clocks showing different times and there is a time written at the bottom. Click on the clock face that matches the time written at the bottom. If you're right, the mouse eats the cheese. If you're wrong, the cat gets the mouse!


This is a snap game to help you to compare 12 hour and 24 hour time. Just click on '24-hour snap game'.