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Welcome to our website. We hope you will find our site useful and easy to navigate.


Here are last week’s answers:



Our focus for this half-term is local history. We’d like you to appreciate how Glenfield has grown and developed over the last 130 years by looking at maps and photographs. Right click on the pdf to open it in a new window. You may wish to zoom in on certain parts for a closer view. It’s very interesting! The Bird’s Nest, not far from where The Hall is, is on every map so it is a good reference point for you.



There are many dangers in and around water and this week you will recognise where these dangers may be.

Have a look at these posters about spotting dangers around different types of water.

Now click here for the game.

Click on ‘Spot the Hazard’.

You can play the other games if you’d like to.


Finally, we’d like you to design a water safety poster that shows everything you have learnt over the past couple of weeks. Here are some examples that use the acronym SAFE (Stay Away From the Edge) to promote safety.



In science, we’ll continue to think about electricity.

Firstly, there is a PowerPoint that contains a quiz. Open the PowerPoint document below. Ensure that you view it in Slide Show mode or the links will not work (look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to find the downloaded document). You can 'enable editing'.

Once you’ve read the PowerPoint, read this information about the history of electricity:

Being safe around electricity is very important. Right click on the pdf to open it in a new window and read the information carefully.

Finally, click here to watch a video about mains electricity and the potential dangers.



Why not try some of these Code Club Activities. You can start with Scratch and choose your level depending on your confidence level.


If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you may want to try the Python projects. It is very difficult but we know how much some of you enjoy coding. The tutorials will give you guidance. You don’t have to have a trinket account but you won’t be able to save work if you don’t.



Problem Solving

Why not have a go at solving a mystery to give you brain a workout?

Answers will be posted next week.



If you need some time to slow down and relax, you could try some of these activities: