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Here are last week’s answers:



We are continuing to think about your safety in potentially dangerous situations.

Watch this video about the dangers of playing in a quarry.


As you will be out and about more on your own in future, here are some (powerful) short videos to remind you about road safety:


This half-term, you’ve considered how to be safe in a number of ways.

Create a safety booklet about ways that people can stay safe. You could do this as a digital booklet or PowerPoint. You could even make your own safety video if you prefer.



Transition: Moving to Secondary School

Have a look at the two videos at this link. Listen to what Alfie says about a typical day in Year 7 and then hear what children say about getting around a bigger school.


The children here have some good tips for you.


There are some very useful videos at this link about making new friends.




Did you try any of the Sports Day ideas last week? Here are some more ideas:



Problem Solving

Why not have a go at solving a mystery to give you brain a workout?

Here are the answers:




If you need some time to slow down and relax, you could try some of these activities: