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Our topic this half-term is called ‘Healthy and Safer Lifestyles: Safety Contexts’. For the next two weeks, you will be thinking about water safety. There are many dangers in and around water and your task is to recognise where these dangers may be.


Right click on the pdf below to open it in a new window. It is all about what to do if you ever find yourself in cold water. Even the strongest swimmers can get into difficulty because of the impact of cold water upon the body. On page 7, you’ll see a big play button. Click on it to watch a video clip.

Right click on the pdf below to open it in a new window. It tells you all about the different flags you might see at the beach.

Finally, try this quiz about the choices you should make when at the beach. Right click on the pdf below to open it in a new window.


In science, we’ll be looking at circuits and circuit symbols.

Firstly, there is a PowerPoint about electrical circuits and symbols. Open the PowerPoint document below. Ensure that you view it in Slide Show mode or the links will not work (look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to find the downloaded document). You can 'enable editing'.

Once you’ve read the PowerPoint, have a go at this task. There is no need to print the sheet. Just write down what would go in the boxes in your exercise book:

You can find out more about circuit symbols and have a go at putting a virtual circuit together by clicking here.

Here is a fact sheet to give you important information:

Finally, here is a task that will give you something to think about:


Problem Solving

Why not have a go at solving a mystery to give you brain a workout?

Answers will be posted next week.



Your mental health and well-being is very important. If you need some time to slow down and relax, you could try some of these activities:


As of Saturday 30/5/2020, a concert by John Williams is being streamed for free for 45 days only.


It is worth watching!  John Williams wrote lots of film themes.


I recommend downloading the program notes as there are lots of great activities to have a go at.


Click on the link below to watch the concert.


Click here to download the activity pack