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Additional Challenges

Mental Health Strategies:

We always encourage the children to discuss their feelings and understand that it is okay to feel different emotions. Here are some strategies to help them understand their feelings better, especially during these difficult times.

30 Day Fitness Challenge

If you are getting a bit restless at hoe and need to burn some energy, here are a few quick fitness challenges to complete everyday for 30 days. Give each one you try a tick!


Do you like Lego? 

If so this challenge may be for you!



Action Happiness Calendar: May 2020

This Meaningful May Calendar has daily actions for May 2020 to help us respond to this global crisis with a sense of purpose and meaning.


Life Skills

Home learning isn't just about the curriculum, now is the perfect time to practice all of those skills that will help you in your everyday life...

25 Day Drawing Challenge:

Do you love drawing? Then this is the perfect challenge for you! 

Nature and Wildlife

The Wildlife Trust are running a 30 Days Wild challenge for those of you who love to be outdoors. 

Just click on the image below to sign up for free and get your pack.