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Class 10 (Updated at 9.30am on 02.04.20)



Good morning Class 10! I hope you've had a nice weekend with your family. We were so lucky that the sun shone so much last week, unfortunately I don't think this week will be so nice. I've just come back from a run and got a little bit soggy! I wonder what exercise you have been up to? Only one week to go until the Easter break, a brilliant chance for you to get creative and find fun ways to occupy yourself at home, whether it's to do with sport, games, arts and crafts, gardening, baking, singing, dancing, playing instruments, writing stories, the list is endless!


As I mentioned last week, I tried to create a video of Evie and the Animals but the website couldn't upload such a big file. So instead, here are the pages of the next chapter, The Lesson. Remember, Evie was visting Granny Flora for 'art classes' which were actually classes to teach her how to use the Talent again in order to understand Plato the bearded dragon....




Daily Giggle



Have a good day!!


Miss Ingham 




Good morning Class 10! How are you all today? I've just been looking at yesterday's Socrative feedback, it's so nice to hear how you've been getting on. Have your parents shown you The Hall's new Twitter page yet? It's a great way for you to show everyone what you have been up to. I check it regularly to see if any of you have posted anything. 


It's great that families are being so imaginative about their home-schooling (remember, it's not just about what we send you!). For example, Zane and his family made a time capsule full of interesting items to do with themselves and the world today which they have now stored in the attic until Zane is 18. What a brilliant idea!


Well done to those of you that are reading a lot, I'm trying to do as much as possible! If you're running out of books to read then I've found a website where you can get free ebooks and audio books. You just need to click on the link:

Then click on 

and enter the following details:


Please let me know on Socrative or Twitter if you have read any of the books. 


Daily giggle

How can you tell when there is an elephant in your sandwich?

When it is too heavy to lift!


Have a brilliant day!

Miss Ingham


PS I'll post the next chapter of Ellie and the Animals tomorrow to give everyone a chance to keep up.



Wow! The first of April, how time flies! I hope you're having a productive morning so far. Make sure you have regular breaks and get fresh air as much as possible. I find going into the garden can be very calming when my mind is over-active or I feel a bit down in the dumps. I wonder what your gardens are like? Hopefully, you've all got some green space you can escape to each day. 


I've had a look at the Soundcheck scores on TT Rockstars and I am so impressed with the progress everyone is making! It's great to see that you're keeping on top of your times tables, whether it's on the computer or not. Maybe you've come up with a new, inventive way of practising your times tables. Remember, on TT Rockstars, there are different games for different purposes:

Garage - this automatically changes the questions you are asked (and moves through the times tables) once you've reached a certain speed.

Studio - this asks you any questions up to 12 x 12.

Soundcheck - this is an assessment tool and puts your score into a line graph so you can see your progress.

The other games are multiplayer. 


Hopefully, you've been able to read the chapter of Evie and the Animals I posted earlier in the week. Here are the next two:



Don't worry if you don't manage to keep up, I'll keep all the chapters and save them in a folder so you can access them later if you need to.


Daily giggle

 Why did Class 10 eat all their work?

Because Miss Ingham told them it was a piece of cake!


Enjoy the rest of your day! 


Miss Ingham  cool


Good morning children! What a lovely sunny morning! It really lifts the spirits when the sun comes out, doesn't it? I wonder what else you've been up to to try and stay positive. We have posted lots of positivity activities on the Year 4 page for you to try out. One of my favourite ideas is to write a gratitude letter to someone. We focus so much on digital communication these days that when you receive a card or letter in the post it feels really special that someone has taken the time to do that for you.


I keep checking #hallathome on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised this morning to see our very own Joshua T-C on there! Here are some photos of Joshua enjoying the drama work this week:



I hope some of you have managed to create an entry for the Easter competition. Remember, Year 4's challenge is to create an Easter garden on a plate. When you've finished you can either get an adult to post a photo on Twitter at #halleaster or email the photo to the school office. 


Daily giggle

What musical instrument is found in the bathroom?

A tuba toothpaste!


Have a great day Class 10!


Miss Ingham  laugh