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Class 9 (Updated for 03.04.20)

Class 9

Happy Easter Class 9! I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for your hard work this term! Instead of writing a message, I thought I would make you a video. Enjoy :) Also, I have kept Socrative open over Easter, so you can continue to share what you have been doing. You can also use twitter as well!


Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter break!


Mr Nagar


Star of the Week

Just because we are at home, that does not mean we can't do star of the week! Click the star below and all will be revealed!

Questions and Answers

Several of you have been asking me some questions on Socrative. I thought I would put together a questions and answers section:


1) Will we be going to Beaumanor Hall?

At the moment, I am not sure whether we will be. Hopefully, fingers crossed, if we get back to school in May then it is a possibility. We will keep you updated.


2) What should I do if I am stuck with the work?

Give it your best go! Remember, we deliberately put the answer sheets with the questions, so if you are stuck use the answers to see if you can figure out how it has been done. 


3) When will we be back at school?

At the moment it is hard to know exactly when! Hopefully, it will be very soon so we can enjoy the rest of Year 4 together!  


4) I have finished all of my books. Where can I get more?

​​​​​​​Follow the instructions below for Oxford Owl. There's some amazing e-books there for you to check out! We also put guided reading tasks up everyday!


Hope that helps :) Keep sending in your questions!

Mr Nagar 

Free E-Books

I'm sure some of you are running out of books to read, I have found a lovely collection of e-books which you might wish to have a look at and read with your family or on your own. Follow these steps to access the e-books:


1) Click on the link below.

2) Click 'my class login' at the top of the page.

3) Type in the username: class9mrnagar

4) Type in the password: mrnagarclass9

5) Enjoy the wonderful world of reading :)


Well done on all the hard work Class 9! You are doing an amazing job!


Mr Nagar


As we are communicating a lot more online these days, take a minute to remember the rules for staying safe online!
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