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Watch these videos of adverts (the quality of the picture is variable as some of these are quite old!). As you are watching, try to think about the persuasive devices that are being used. Are there:

  • exaggerations (eg, the’ best’ or the ‘greatest’)
  • a slogan
  • a certain positive lifestyle being shown
  • a song or jingle
  • humour
  • positive language


Once you’ve watched them all, choose two to write about to identify the persuasive devices, as demonstrated by the white text for the toothpaste example on the previous page.


1) Roses were widely advertised as being something to give if you wanted to say ‘thank you’.


2) The song in this advert was used across many Fudge adverts for several years. Miss Hayden even recited it in assembly for you earlier this year!


3) This is a very famous advert for carpet cleaner. Everyone remembers it because it’s so naff. Why do you think the advert is memorable?


4) Another stalwart of advertising. The slogan ‘A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play’ was used in several ad campaigns for many years.

5) Bran Flakes came up with this very catchy song that, again, was used in several adverts.


6) Fairy Liquid adverts showing a young girl with her mother had been around for decades when this one was first shown in the early 1990s. It is a real insight into how washing-up was still very much seen as ‘woman’s work’. You wouldn’t see an advert like this nowadays!


7) The Oxo Family adverts ran for many years with the same actors. Over the years, the viewer saw how the family developed and they watched the children grow up. Is this scenario familiar to some of you?!


8) This one shows how films of the era could be used to make an advert more memorable. This is a Terry’s Chocolate Orange advert that uses a scene from an Indiana Jones film to create humour.


9) Using a character can help to make adverts recognisable. Tony the Tiger was used to advertise Frosties for several years before it was decided that it wasn’t right to use cartoon characters to promote sugary products to children.


10) Modern adverts often rely on persuasive devices so they aren’t particularly helpful to us as we are really focusing on use of language. However, here is an example that uses a play on words. These adverts have been around for quite a while now.


11) And finally, using a celebrity in an advert is seen as an endorsement and may encourage people to buy the product if they are a fan of the celebrity and trust them. This is as advert from the 1990s that plays on the ‘Nice Guy’ image of Gary Lineker. You may know him as the host of Match of the Day but he is one England’s most respected and successful footballers. He was born in Leicester and played for Leicester City before playing for Everton, Tottenham, Barcelona and a Japanese side called Grampus 8! He also captained England. Throughout his career, he was never sent off or even booked and this advert gently makes fun of that. It’s also nice to see Leicester feature in an advert!


Disclaimer: we are not endorsing any of these products and other brands are available!!!!!


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