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Crowns and Jewellery


In the video of the coronation you may have noticed that Queen Elizabeth II was given some special things when she became Queen. 



When somebody becomes a King or Queen they wear a crown and ring, sit on a thrown and hold a sceptre and orb.


You may also have noticed some of the beautiful clothing that each of our Kings and Queens have worn through history.


Maybe you could use a computer or iPad to find out some interesting facts about clothing and jewellery that kings and queens wear. 





 We thought you could have a go at designing and making your own crown for a royal coronation. 


Below you will find some examples and a crown plan which you could use to help you. 






Royal Jewels


What have you got at home that you could use to create some jewellery. Can you make a necklace like the one that Queen Victoria is wearing?



You could use beads, jewels, pasta or anything else you can find around your home. 


Royal Banquet



At the end of term we would usually have a medieval banquet to end our Kings and Queens topic. We thought that it would be something nice for you to enjoy at home.


We would normally prepare food and drinks, create a royal costume to wear and enjoy medieval dancing and party games.