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Good morning year 5,


I hope you enjoyed our topic on Reflection and Translation last week. You all seemed to enjoy the Oak Academy videos too based on your Socrative comments. I am glad they were helpful. Like anything we upload on here, if it doesn't work, it is always worth trying a different browser e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. Also a different device can help too, laptop, computer, tablet etc.


If you were not able to carry out the quiz, don't worry, it was not essential. 


This week we will be recapping a topic we visited in the autumn term, Area.



Area is calculating the amount of surface area a 2D shape has. We can calculate it for regular and estimate for irregular shapes.



Starter to get your brains thinking...



What do you think? What properties does a square have? What is the definition of a rectangle?

Open the document below to see the answer.



Answer, True or False

Today we will be starting with a White Rose video followed by a White Rose sheet. You do not have to print the sheet off, you can answer the questions in your book. If you come across a question you can not do as you haven't printed it off, move on to the next question. 

Area of rectangles

White Rose question sheet followed by Answer sheet