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Here are last week's 'Extras' answers:


Here are this week's optional extras:


First, the weekly mystery puzzle.


Then there are a couple of science experiments to try if you want to. They aren't related to our science topic: they are just for fun and require only very basic resources.


This one is about making a penny 'disappear'. It will work best with a tall glass.

Disappearing Penny


The second experiments is about making a paper helicopter so that it spins gracefully as it falls to the ground. You will need paper, scissors and paper clips. How many paperclips give the best spin?


There is a template to use or a video that can show you how to make one from a sheet of A4 if you are unable to print.


Paper Helicopter


Ramadan started last week for the Muslim community so we have attached a pdf where you can find out more about this festival and its significance.


Finally, here are a set of instructions about how to make an origami butterfly: