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Feeling Good


Feeling good is about your mind and body being healthy. 

Exercise, healthy eating and a sleep routine are all key but we can also help to create a healthy mind. Below you will find some activities which will help you be more mindful of how you are feeling and pay attention to the smaller things in life.  


Mindful breathing


Taking slow and steady breaths can help us if we have big feelings like sadness, anger or pain. It can also help us to focus and concentrate. Below you will find some simple breathing activities which you can practise at home.


Pinwheel blowing 


First of all you can make your own pinwheel which is attached below. You then focus on breathing to blow it around in circles. 




Belly Buddies


For this one you will need your favourite soft toy. You then lay on your back on something soft and place your toy on your tummy. 

As you take breaths in and out what happens to the object on your tummy?

Watch as it rises and falls with your breathing. 



Breathing hands 


Spread out your hand like a star. Use your pointing finger from the other hand to trace up and over each finger whilst you breath slowly. You can repeat this as many times as you like. 


Below you will find a link to a useful video which focuses on breathing and listening. Maybe this would be useful after a busy day.

The Listening Game | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids