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Bonjour Year 1!                                                 


Did you manage to go on a bug hunt last week?

I was in school with some year 1 children last Friday so we went on a little bug hunt together.   We found these:


Une fourmi : 


Une coccinelle: 


Un cloporte:  


Une limace: 


Un escargot: 


Which ones are insectsCount their legs in French..



Have you heard of the game ‘BEETLE DRIVE’?

The word for beetle in French is ‘scarabée’.


For this activity you will need a pencil, paper and a dice.  If you can’t find a dice, you can use one online.  You will also need an opponent!

The aim of the game is to roll the dice to draw a complete beetle. 

You have to roll a number 6 first to draw the beetle’s body.

The first person to draw a complete beetle wins.

Practise your French numbers by saying the number out loud in French each time.

For an extra challenge you could say out loud the parts of the beetle in French.

When you have completed your beetle drawing, shout ‘SCARABÉE!’.




Picture 1

1 Les yeux.mp3

2 les antennes.mp3

3 les jambes.mp3

4 les ailes.mp3

5 la tete.mp3

6 le corps.mp3

Bon week-end!