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Our new topic for this half term is  'At the Café'.

We are going to begin by learning how to order a delicious French breakfast, starting with drinks this week and food next week.


Can you already think of French foods that are a breakfast food?


As some of you already know, my husband is French.  A lot of French people drink their coffee or hot chocolate from a bowl in a morning.  They like to dunk their food into the bowl.  I found it a bit strange when I first saw him dipping his buttered toast into his coffeesurprise ...eeeehhhh!  I'm now used to this cultural difference! laugh


Listen to the PowerPoint below.   It is important to repeat the words out loud to help you pronounce and remember them properly.


The word for breakfast is 'Le petidéjeuner'.

'Qu'est-ce que tu prends pour le petidéjeuner?' means

'What are you having (taking) for breakfast?'.


'Je prendsmeans 'I'm having (taking)' ....

Practise saying this too.




 - Listen and repeat the names of the drinks. (Make sure that you play the sound file from the beginning each time).


 - Try to guess the name of the drinks hidden by the stars.  Check your answer by listening to the sound file afterwards.


 - Can you name the drink that has disappeared?


- Practise reading them.  Notice all of the accents. Can you point to the correct picture?


- Practise spelling them.  Look at the last but one slide.  Copy out the words.  Can you add in the missing letters correctly?

Are these nouns masculine or feminine?  How do you know?


Below is what I have every day for breakfast.  Can you understand it?


Je prends un thé au lait et des céréales.


What do you have?   Can you write a sentence? Use an online dictionary to help you if necessary:


Have fun practising your French and bon week-end!