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Bonjour Year 4!       


Did you enjoy the song about ‘Léon le caméléon?’.

Check your answers below and sing along.



Léon le caméléon.mp4

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This song is full of similes. A simile is when one thing is compared to another using the words ‘as’ or ‘like’.


In the song Léon is described as being:


yellow like a lemon = jaune comme un citron


white like a sheep = blanc comme un mouton


Can you spot any more similes?



Today you are going to prepare your own similes for your flap book and next week you can put it together.

Instead of saying ‘white like a sheep’, what could you say?



In French there are two different words for ‘a’.

Nouns in French can be either ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’.

If the noun is ‘masculine’, the word for ‘a’ is ‘UN’.

If the noun is ‘feminine’, the word for ‘a’ is ‘UNE’.


‘Sheep’ is a masculine noun so we say ‘UN mouton’.


Pink like a flower = rose comme UNE fleur.  

Fleur is a feminine noun so I have to write ‘UNE’ for the word ‘a’.


If you are unsure what a noun is, begin the film clip below at 12 minutes.  Otherwise begin it at 20 minutes to find out how to know whether nouns are masculine or feminine.  Watch up to just before 32 minutes.

After watching the video, write 4 or more French similes.




Rouge comme UNE  fleur  = red like a flower.

Vert comme UN crocodile  = green like a crocodile.


A bientôt ! 

Un caméléon.mp4

Still image for this video