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Bonjour!  Ça va?  I hope you are all well.

This week we are continuing our theme of 'Breakfast at the café'.

Can you name at least three drinks from last week's lesson?


Now let's learn some foods.  Did you think of a 'croissant' last week when I asked you to think of a French breakfast food? 


Or maybe you thought of a 'Pain au chocolat'?   

'Pain au chocolats' are made with the same kind of pastry as a croissant but they have chocolate chips in - yum yum!


Why don't you treat yourself to a French breakfast this week?  Remember to serve your tea, coffee or hot chocolate (Nesquik maybe) in a bowl and to dip in your toast, croissant or pain au chocolat.


In the next powerpoint you will discover the word 'biscotte'. 

This is like a very dry crunchy bread. Again, this is good for dunking! 

Unfortunately, we can't find any of these in England so we have to buy a big box for Monsieur Chollet when we go to France.    

In the crossword activity below they call these 'Melba toast'.  I had never heard of this though...


Work through the PowerPoint below to learn the names of more French foods.  Remember to always say the words out loud!





Did you notice the words : du,   de  la ,   and    des ?   These all mean 'some'.  Why do you think there are three different ways of saying some?  Think carefully... what do we know about French nouns?




Now go to ''.

The password was emailed out to parents in March.

Click on 'Au café' under medium challenge.

Enjoy the games!  Aim to spell at least four drinks and four foods accurately.

Remember to test yourself at the end.



Here is a crossword for you to complete.

If you need extra help with this click the one that says 'with wordbank'.


Have fun!

Have a lovely week year 6!

À vendredi prochain!