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Ça va? I hope you are all well!


Today we are continuing with our topic of sports.


Last week I set you a listening challenge.  Did you manage to hear which sports I was talking about?


1) J'aime le jogging.         


2) Je déteste le rugby.


3) J'adore le yoga parce que c'est relaxant.  


4) Je n'aime pas la gymnastique.


5) Je déteste le basket.


6) Je n'aime pas la danse


7) J'adore le vélo.


8) J'aime le hockey.


9) Je n'aime pas le football


10) J'adore l'accrobranche. 



Check your answers from last week using the sentences above.

Did I say I  like, love, hate or dislike the following?






Look again at the sentences above..

 - Which two sports do I hate?

 - Besides yoga, which other sport do I love?


Let's practise pronouncing the sports! 

Open the PowerPoint below.  Click on the sound files for each sport and repeat.




There are some more in the film clip below:


Still image for this video


The words for the sports are nouns.

Did you notice that the sports have either 'le,  la ,   les  or l'  ' in front of them?

These all mean 'the'.  Do you remember why we have to use different words for 'the' in French?  Write down what you remember before opening the word document below...

Your next task is written at the bottom of the word document..


A bit of fun...


If you would like to do more, have a look at the attached document.  Can you unscramble the nouns to find the hidden word?

Have a lovely week! laugh