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I hope you have had a lovely week.  Did you treat yourself to a French breakfast?


Can you solve the anagrams below?  Unscramble the letters to find the French word describing a French breakfast time food or drink..



   nu  satocrisn


  ed  la  ronciftue


  nu téh


  sed  salcréée


  un   suj  d’ noareg


Open the word document below to check your answers:

Did you work out why there are three different words for ‘some’ in French?


de la confiture  =  some jam.    ‘Confiture’ is a feminine noun so we say ‘de la’.


du pain  =   some  bread.   ‘Pain’ is a masculine noun so we say ‘du’.


des bananes = some bananas.  ‘Banane’ is a feminine noun but  I have added an ‘s’ onto it to make it plural.  When describing a plural noun, we say ‘des’(with a silent ‘s’).



Now let’s practise using listening skills.

Open the below document.  Print it off if you can, otherwise write your answers on a piece of paper.  Listen to the song clip several times and fill in the missing words.  Remember to PERSEVERE.  It will get easier each time you listen smiley.  Listen at least three times!  I’ll give you the answers next week!   

Au petit déjeuner - Alain Le Lait (Breakfast) (192 kbps)(


At the Café  


Listen to the three orders below.  Write down in English what you think has been ordered. The answers are underneath but please have a go first!

Cafe 1.mp3

Cafe 2.mp3

Cafe 3.mp3

Have a great weekend!

C'est l'Heure de prendre le petit déjeuner (It's Time to Have Breakfast for kids) 4k.mp4

Still image for this video