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French, Music and R.E.



Week beginning: 20/4/2020


Let's start the Summer Term off with a song!


I'd like to hear you singing it! You could facetime a friend and sing it together!

Don't forget, you can upload your singing to our Twitter page.


New Beginnings - vocal guide.mp3

New Beginnings.mp3

When you have sung the song as it is written, (first with the vocal guide then without) can you write three new verses which follow the same pattern as the original lyrics?


You could upload you singing your new version, or just a picture of your new words for other people to try...


This term we are creating a piece of art work as part of our topic ‘Moral Maze’


This is a 4 week art project

Week 1.

Look at the categories for the 2020 competition (photograph below). Choose a category that interests you.

Follow this link and have a look at the gallery of winning pieces from previous years. This may give you some ideas.

Jot down your initial ideas. More next week!



Over this half-term term you are going to be learning about special events across the year and how they are celebrated in France.  Sometimes they are celebrated the same way as in England.  Sometimes they are celebrated differently.  There are some French celebrations that aren't celebrated at all in England.


You are going to be doing lots of reading in French!  Don't worry!  You don't need to understand every single word. 

Look at this powerpoint to give you some tips on how to work out the meaning of French texts.

Now have a look at the document below about the first three French celebrations of the year.

This week I have underlined the words that look like English ones for you.

Circle any other words that you already know.  Can you guess the meaning of any of the other words?

Answer the questions in the last column in English.

When you have understood as much as possible, you can use Google to help and see if you understood correctly..

This all might seem tricky, but remember I said that you don't need to understand every single word...    It's a challenge!  Good luck!