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French, Music and R.E.


Week beginning: 11/5/2020


Let's think about something new this week.

Our unit for this half term is called : 'Who Knows?'

It is all about where composers get their ideas from when they write music.


Picture 1

14 The society raffles.wma

That piece of music was written to accompany a silent movie.


What do you know about the silent movie era?

Picture 1
Picture 1

Charlie Chaplin - The Lion's Cage.wmv

Still image for this video

What happens to the dynamics of the music when the character tip-toes?


What happens to the tempo of the music when something exciting happens?


What instrument plays to represent the lion?

What happens to the pitch at this point? Why?


How does the music change at the end of the film?  Why?




The piece we listened to at the beginning was made to accompany a video called 'Society Raffles'.


Watch the clip to see how the music fits with the film.





11a Society Raffles.mpg

Still image for this video

XX    Your Task    XX


Write a short paragraph to explain how the music fits with the actions in the film 'Society Raffles'.


Use words like dynamics, pitch, tempo and maybe any instruments or sound effects you can hear.




We are continuing our theme of celebrations across the French calendar.

The answers to Part 2 are below.

The next big celebration in France is 'Bastille Day'.  I would like you to research this in English first using the internet.  Take notes in English or you can write a short paragraph.   You could draw some pictures too if you like.


When you have finished complete part 3 of French celebrations:

If you prefer, you don't have to print the worksheet off.   You can write out the answers on paper or in your home learning books.



Have a lovely week!


Madame Chollet smiley


It's time to complete your piece of art for the Spirited Art competition.

You have had a week to be inspired, a week to plan and 2 weeks to create. Please take a photo of your completed piece and share via twitter

or email to the office.

I can't wait to see what you have produced!