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Hello, Year 6. How are you today?

Here are yesterday’s answers:

Now for today’s learning:


The Daily Joke: laugh

What happened when the owl lost its voice?

(answer is at the bottom)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.


If you have your own spellings, these will need to be tested today.



Today, we’d like you to take part in a Kahoot! to see what you have learnt about angles. There is a timer for the questions but there is plenty of time to answer. You may find it useful to have a pencil and paper handy for calculations.

The questions do not have points so, when you have completed the quiz, it will show that you have 0 points. The order of names on screen is the order in which people complete it and will only usually show the first 5 of you to do so. We will be able to see your score but no-one else will. Give your first name and the initial of your surname. Please complete the quiz ONCE.



Give your first name and initial of your surname.


Click on the link for your class:


Class 13:                                   Class 14:




Once you have completed it, please open the pdf below for a problem solving challenge. Choose any two questions and have a go – you can even do more if you want to! Please do any working out in your work book.


Today, you need to complete your factfile cards. Remember – there should be a character based on you plus three others.


If you haven’t already told us about your main character, remember you can do so on Socrative (THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSES. THIS ACTIVITY IS NOW CLOSED) or by taking a photograph to upload to #hallathome on Twitter.


There are some very interesting characters so far, such as Bradlebroom, Emrys, Acul, Fire Archer and Elva. Please avoid using real characters because they are the work of another author – you all have the imagination to come up with your own. For the remaining characters, try to be a bit more creative with the names so they sound like they could come from a fantasy world.

You have studied myths and legends quite a bit over the last few years so you should be familiar with the genre. If you need a refresher of the style, try reading this e-book.

Click on the image of the book cover.

The click on ‘My class login’ in the pink box.

Enter the login details.


If you are in Class 13, use these details:

My class name: thehall13

My class password: c13#


If you are in Class 14, use these details:

My class name: thehall14

My class password: c14#


Click on ‘My Bookshelf’.

From the ‘Age groups’ drop down menu, select ‘Age 9-11’.

Dragon Tales is on the top shelf. You can read the book on screen or there is the option to have the story read to you. You may read any of these books and we could well use some of them for future English lessons.



We are going to continue our RHE work by thinking about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Right click on the pdf below to have a look at the table in a new tab.

There are 3 categories:

  • Basic Need
  • Safe from Harm
  • Express Themselves


Right click on the pdf below to have a look at the document in a new tab. It is a set of the Rights. Which Rights belong in which category?

You could print both documents, cut the statements out and stick them into the correct column. Or, using a pencil and ruler, you could neatly draw the grid in your work book and write the article numbers from each Right in the correct column.


Well, that’s it for another week of learning. Next week, you’ll be writing your Quest story, finishing off the angles topic, starting a computing project on Scratch and starting/re-visiting the People in Action art unit.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh

It didn’t give a hoot.