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Friday 3rd April

It's the last day of term Year 4! Well done on completing two weeks of home schooling, you have worked so hard to cope with the changes that have been in place. As it's the last day of the Spring term we would usually be having the Easter Parade so we sincerely hope you will be singing "It's a Beautiful Day in Springtime", perhaps whilst wearing a fancy Easter bonnet?!


After today, there will be no more work set until after the holidays. So look back on here, eager and willing, on Monday 20th April. You have English and Maths work as usual today but then have some fun doing some of the Easter or Positivity activities that have been posted earlier in the week.


Have a great two weeks off; keep smiling, washing those hands and eating chocolate!! 


Miss Ingham and Mr Nagar laugh laugh




Times Tables

This morning we would like everyone to go onto soundcheck on TT Rockstars. Give it your best go! We will be checking to see who is going on.


Lots of people have been getting in touch through Socrative and have been enjoying the Maths this week which is very nice to hear. Today, we will be focusing on dividing a 1 digit number by 10Mrs Geisler has produced a lovely warm up activity for you today (You don't need to do all of it - spend around 10 mins on this). We will finish off the booklets next week!


We hope that you enjoyed that activity and were able to answer some of the questions! Next, carefully watch the video below. You may wish to answer the questions as you go along. You can pause the video at any time. 

Here is a link to copy and paste if you are unable to get on:



Still image for this video
I hope that you found the video clear and helpful! Please have a go at answering the questions in your purple books if you haven't done so already. Make sure that you put the date (27/03/20) at the top and the subject (Maths). If you wish to print out the sheets, just staple or glue them in.

Reflect: Alex has 8 litres of fizzy drink for his party. He shares this equally with his 10 friends. How much fizzy drink do they each receive?

Draw out a place value grid for this question.




Today's work is all linked to Easter. You do not have to do all the activities, choose two or three that you like the sound of and do your best. Have fun!





Remember to do one final reflection before the holidays. Maybe you could include a message letting us know what your plans are for the holidays.


If you are with Mr Nagar, please type in the code: CLASS9AN followed by your name (do not use nicknames). 


If you are with Miss Ingham, please type in the code: INGHAM6508 followed by your name.

Other Activities

Below, we have some provided some useful links which you may wish to have a look at. This includes, Spellodrome, Newsround, TT Rockstars and also PE with Joe! Give it a go yes. As we said yesterday, please don't feel as though you need to do everything, these are just some nice ideas for you to challenge yourself. 


There is also a nice 60 second read for you at the bottom today.