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Friday's Learning

Good Morning Year One, we hope you are all enjoying getting

outdoors and finding lots of signs of Spring.


Below are today's learning tasks.


After today it is the Easter holidays so no home learning activities will be here for you for the next 2 weeks. However, you can still practice lots of the things you have learnt so far if you wish. You will have lots of time to spend with your family at home so you can play games, bake together, paint or draw, go on a treasure hunt or relax and read books together.


If you create something that you are proud of or do a fun activity with your family then it would be great to see it posted on Twitter using #hallathome @hallglenfield.


Have a lovely Easter, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon.





Below are maths activities for you to try. 


Have a go at cracking the code by completing the number sentences. How did the Easter Bunny feel?


Take a look at the cards - can you complete any challenges?


There is also a link for some Easter/Spring maths games for you to try.


English Friday 3rd April 2020

Well done to everyone who took part in the Spring Quiz yesterday, it was great to see so many of you have been getting involved with your home learning!

The final English lesson today involves you getting creative! First of all read these two poems. They are called acrostic poems. What is special about an acrostic poem?




Yes that's right! An acrostic poem is where the first letter or each line spells a word. What are the words that the two poems are spelling?

Your to create your own acrostic poem. Use the word Spring or the word Easter if you want a challenge and think of a word that starts with each letter. You can challenge yourself further if you wish by writing in sentences too.

Below are some acrostic poem templates to help you. Use your phonics sound mats to help you too.