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Significant Turning Points in British History


This topic explores events in British history that have determined significant aspects of our past and present. 


It includes an assassination that led to war, a deathbed promise that led to a challenge for the crown and a group of women who chained themselves to railings!!!!

Life in the Trenches

Click here to find out more about life in the trenches in the First World War.


The Battle of Hastings

1066 is one of the most famous dates in English history. This video introduces the main historical figures whose actions led to the battle.


The Suffragettes

What do you already know about suffragettes?

Can you name the lady in the photograph?

There is a statue of her in Leicester that was recently unveiled.




Watch this video from Horrible Histories to give you an overview of the topic.

Suffragette Sing-a-long

If you like a good sing-song, why not try out these suffragette songs? Open the song words document and play the audio files.

Placard Song

Forward, Sister Women

Rise Up, Women


The Battle of Britain

This video was made by Newsround in 2015, the 75th anniversary of this significant turning point in British History, and gives a brief overview of the event.