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It is also super important that we look after our bodies by keeping them clean. 


What do you do each day to keep yourself clean?


Have a look at the Powerpoint below to see if you've missed anything. 


At the moment, because of the Coronavirus, we are all being extra careful and washing our hands more often. 


Dr Ranj has a helpful hand washing song to help us remember exactly how to do it.



Below you will find an interesting experiment about why soap works and some useful hand washing documents. 


Can you create a poster about hand washing and why it is so important. 


Maybe you could stick it up in your bathroom at home as a reminder about having healthy hands. 


I love the colourful design of the one below. I also like the way it has numbers to remind me of each step. 


Next time you have a bath or a shower we have listed 10 different ways you can make it fun whilst getting clean. 

Which ideas do you think you will have a go at?


Can you think of any ideas of your own?



1. Bubble play

2. Creating objects/ letters/ numbers in shaving foam

3. Making and testing boats using different materials 

4. Bath crayons to create pictures

5. Filling and emptying containers- hours of fun!

6. Fishing for toys

7. Water bead play

8. Glow in the dark bath 

9. Alphabet soup- using foam letters

10. Bathing babies and favourite figures