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Good morning year 5,


Today we will be looking at the inverse of multiplication, division. Division is the same as sharing. You are sharing or dividing a number into equal groups. 


We will also be recapping dividing with remainders. This is where a number CAN NOT be divided equally into groups using only whole numbers. 


During year 5, we used the method of short division to work out the answers. Can you spot the mistake/mistakes in the question below?




Here, the numbers have been switched around. Remember the question is 412 shared out into 4 groups so we must divide by 4. If it is not possible, we must exchange, NOT swap the numbers around.  

This is what the method should look like.



You must always ask yourself what you are dividing by! Here the '10' has been exchanged into the ones column to make 12. 12 can be divided by 4 to give 3 in a group. The answer is 103.


Watch the video below on dividing and remainders and answer the questions on the worksheet.


Year 5 - Week 3 - Lesson 3 - Divide with remainders