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Good morning year 5,


I hope you have enjoyed the maths activities this week and the videos have been helpful. 


Today will be our final day of translation but we will be translating points in 4 quadrants. 

What do you notice?


There are negative numbers on both the x and y axis. This produces 4 different areas allowing a larger area for shapes to be translated.


I would like you to look at the Oak Academy for the final  lesson on translation.

Remember: Put co-ordinates in a bracket and separate with a comma. 


Click on the link below and make sure you have your book and a pencil. 



When you have finished, you can have a go at the game below to practise your use of co-ordinates in the 4 quadrants. 



Optional Task

And finally, I have included the instructions for another co-ordinates picture using the 4 quadrants. It will create the picture of Winnie-the-Pooh. You will have to print the graph, unless you have square paper at home, you can use you maths homework book if you have it at home. The instructions are included too.