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Good morning year 5,


thank you to all the children who responded on Socrative regarding the Oak Academy lessons. The comments were very positive so we will be continuing to use them. Some have said the lesson does not load so I will use the Oak Academy picture to take you to the lesson as before but I will also put the website address for you to copy and paste. Try it in different browsers if it does not work e.g. Google, Internet Explorer, Safari. 


This week we will continue to look at our Geometry unit of Transforming Shapes. Last week we looked at co-ordinates using the x and y axis. We have also looked at using the 4 quadrants. 




This week, our focus will be on Reflection. What is reflection? Can you find the line of reflection in these two pictures? Trace the line with your finger.




Stem Sentence:

Reflection is a transformation where each point in a shape appears at an equal distance on the other side of an imaginary line.


Congruent means the same size. 





Lesson Video

Follow the link to the Oak Academy website and work through the lesson on reflection. 


You can copy and paste this link also. 



When you have completed the lesson, try this Power Maths challenge question. The answer is in the document below. 





Answers to reflection questions

There is also an optional  task to draw on a reflected shape following the line of reflection. You will need to print the sheet or you can try and copying and pasting the picture into Paint and draw the shape on there.