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Good morning year 5,


I hope you enjoyed the recap of Area and Time that we covered last week. Telling the time is a life long skill but being able to solve time problems can be quite tricky. Time is not on the year 5 curriculum so I thought I would add a lesson in to remind you and give you an opportunity to have a practise at solving reasoning questions.


This week we are going to continue with our Geometry topic but we will be focusing on Angles. Hopefully you remember learning about angles in year 4.



Stem sentence: An angle measures the amount of turn between two straight lines. 



Can you remember the different types of angles and what they are called? Remind yourself about the basics of angles with this PowerPoint.

Did you remember?


Today I would like you to watch a White Rose video on angles showing how to measure using a protractor. There is a worksheet to go with the video which you can complete with the video or afterwards. The answers are also provided for you to check against. Question 5 and 6 require a protractor and for you to print the sheet off, if you can not do this, please move onto the next question. 

Measure with a protractor

Finally, have a go at the challenge question from Power Maths. The answer is in the document below.