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Miss Mistry

Good morning year 5!

Firstly, I hope you all had a fab half term and had a well-deserved break. I wonder what you got up to for your Golden Time before the half term. 


Over half term, I managed to get outside lots and run around my country park, saying hello to lots of people as a I ran past. I had a BBQ to celebrate my dad's birthday in the sunshine. I've also been very creative and have been painting something for you all in my garden, but I will keep that a surprise! wink


This week, I've been teaching a small group of year 6 children in our classroom. It's strange not teaching you all and I miss it greatly. However, it is lovely to be back in school!


I've also missed not hearing from you all. So do keep in touch and continue to share your work with me:

  • Twitter: #hallathome @hallglenfield 
  • School email address - - FAO Miss Mistry) If it is sent via email, I will reply back as soon as I can and will give you feedback! For those of you that have sent your work via email, I have loved seeing your work! So keep this up! yes
  • Socrative - Use Socrative today to tell me how you have been this week - MISTRY1629
  • A big well done to Oliver, who received a medal after exercising every day since lockdown began! A fantastic achievement that you should be proud of! laugh
  • Declan and Alexia - You both wrote excellent Ancient Greek diaries just before half term - Well done! yes
  • Niva and Sienna, your Ancient Greek myth videos were very impressive and creatively constructed. Well done to you both! laugh
  • Abigail, good to hear that your rainbows drawn have brightened up people's day. Keep sharing your positivity and kindness, as it does make a big difference! heart
  • Megan - I loved your poster! Very thoughtful - I miss you all too! I'm glad you're staying resilient despite being at home. heart
  • Charlie - Well done for writing thoughtful questions as part of your English work. laugh


Remember, if you have any questions throughout the week, do write them down on Socrative and I will answer them on a Friday via the website. Also, there are extra activities uploaded weekly which include our final topic units of year 5 including other fun activities. Do have a go if you get a chance!


I've also set up a Reading folder last week, for reading tasks, but haven't seen any Socrative comments regarding reading. I hope the home learning set this week has been accessible to you all.


**Reminder, the TT Rockstars battle ends today at 8pm against year 4. So get yourselves on TT Rockstars and support team year 5! laugh **


I hope you're all keeping safe and staying positive!

As the happy jar quote of the week says:

'Working hard is important but there is something that matters more: believing in yourself!'


This is your last term of year 5! You have 5 weeks left, so make every day count! Do your best in all that you do and continue to believe in yourself - YOU CAN DO IT! heart (Miss Mistry believes in you all!)


Best wishes, 
Miss Mistrylaugh