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Miss Mistry

Good morning Class 12! laugh

I hope you're all well and have been enjoying the gorgeous weather! Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day and put suncream on too! 


Your parents/carers will be receiving your school reports via email, through the school office. Well done everyone for all your hard work this year!  Your report comments reflect just how much enthusiasm and effort you all bring to the class! I've loved teaching you all and I hope you've enjoyed the year 5 topics too! heart I also hope that despite these unprecedented times, you can still focus on the positives that made year 5 special to you (Year 5 Showcase, Jump2it! rehearsals, Space Centre trip, Bikeability, etc.).


A few of you have asked about Boreatton Park and unfortunately, I have no information on this. Your year 6 teachers for the next academic year will inform you when they know more. You will also be finding out your new year 6 teacher soon!


Thank you for your song suggestions for the year 6 leaver's song. I have shared them with Mrs Gohil and we will work on creating lyrics to a chosen song.


I have a few links of characters/animals that you can draw. Feel free to have a go and send me photos of your drawings 

Let me know on Socrative if you do draw any of these!

  • Ayman - Lovely to read that you've been around the lake in Thurmaston.
  • Tori - Glad you've continued to play football and go for walks too! I like your idea on competitive Sports day against family members!
  • Abigail - Love a screwball icecream, especially when you get to the bottom of it!
  • Ayana - Lovely to read that you've been playing with your brother in the garden.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Best wishes, 

Miss Mistry laugh