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Miss Mistry

Good morning everyone!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!! laugh

I hope you've had a great week of home learning!

Well done Charlie for achieving this week’s Star of the Week! yes


It's Ollie's Birthday tomorrow!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE! laugh I hope you have a fab day celebrating! Enjoy your special day and let me know what you get up to!


I've attached a 'Birthday Just Dance treat' below! Would be lovely for you to dance to this with your class mates virtually! Let me know if you do! wink




JUST DANCE 2015 - It's my birthday

It's been lovely catching up with the year 5 key worker children in school to see how they're getting on! It would also be great to hear from more of you, especially as it's the end of the week. So get yourselves on to Socrative and let me know the following:

  • How has your week of home learning been?
  • Which home learning activity have you enjoyed the most and why?
  • What other activities have you been up to throughout the week? Have you managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine?
  • Write down any questions or comments that you may have for me.

My year 6 group and I had a go at 'Drawing with Rob' on YouTube. We loved it! It's so therapeutic. I've drawn a panda with a football. See the photo above. So I had a thought, in some sports games you have a mascot. So this is my 'Hall School' mascot. I will be setting you a task next week to create a Hall School Sports Day mascot, so keep your eyes peeled for this and get thinking of ideas over the weekend!


In response to Bradley's question: 'Is school the same at the moment during COVID-19?'


School is not the same as when you all left in March. Of course, the teachers are all there and it's lovely to see them all in school, but we've all had to take special measures to protect both our staff and children. Throughout the day, there is regular hand washing and cleaning of tables after every lesson, before lunch, after lunch and at the end of the day. The desks in my classroom are 2m apart and all children learn at their desks, with all their equipment at their tables (no carpet space). Timings throughout the day, which include break times and lunch times, are staggered to allow children to play outside and social distance from other groups. Classrooms are well-ventilated and within each group, you can only play with the class group that you're in. There are also no assemblies currently!


So yes, it does look different, however it's been good teaching in the classroom again (some sort of normality). Hope this doesn't scare you and if this does worry you, please do message me on Socrative! Everyone that’s been in to school, will reassure you that it is okay! I know you've all been doing home learning for a long time now, and it can be hard to stay motivated! smiley The children that have been in school have quickly adapted to the new way of learning without any problems, and have enjoyed/appreciated being back at school. Staying optimistic is key!  laugh Hopefully things will get back for when you all return back in the Autumn term!


  • Bradley - I knew you'd like Sonic! I wonder if you've had a go at drawing it? I know that Mrs Gohil has drawn this already and is very proud of her Sonic drawing. She has it on her fridge at home! 
  • Abigail - Excellent Abigail! Good to read that you've had a go at the drawings given! They look outstanding! Well done Abigail! laughI’ve attached your drawings below!
  • Charlie - The drawing links are on my daily message from yesterday! Feel free to have a go! yesThanks for your kind words! Hope you're staying safe and making the most of the weather! Is your heel better now? Hope you've recovered and can go back to what you enjoy, running! I must say, I did push through and go for an evening run (when it was slightly cooler) on Wednesday. It's been lovely to get outside and run!

This weekend, I will be doing a virtual dance class later on! I’m hoping to meet up with friends in the park (socially distant, of course) and finish off your surprise art pieces that I have been doing! 


Have a fab weekend year 5!

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Sending lots of positivity!

Miss Mistry heart