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Miss Mistry

Good morning everyone! laugh

Hope you had a fab weekend! It was Ayana's birthday last Thursday and Ollie's on Saturday! I hope you both had a great day! 


Can you believe you have 10 days left of year 5 (including today)!

Time has sure flown by!

This week, you will be finding out who your new year 6 teacher will be for next year!  Hope you're all excited! I know Isabel has been itching to find out! laugh


On Friday, I taught a virtual Bollywood dance class to my students and in the evening, I went for a long walk. On Saturday, I practised a dance with my sister. My mum had made my favourite food, Chicken biryani, which I had for lunch (yum!). In the evening, I watched 'Michael McIntyre's Big Show', which I find very entertaining! Yesterday, I woke up early to see my friends in the park in Cambridge. We had a social distanced Afternoon tea, with homemade sandwiches, scones and other cakes. It was lovely! laugh


I wonder what you've been up to this weekend... Let me know on Socrative!

I'd love to hear from more of you on Socrative. Last Friday, I had 4 response on there and throughout the week, there hasn't been many responses! You haven't got long left of this term, so continue to communicate with me and keep motivating yourselves to take risks and persevere with challenges set.

Remember to check out this week's topic activities, which can be found in the 'Extra Activities - Topic' folder. Activities for this week include:

  • A 500 Words Writing Challenge on Black Lives Matter.
  • An end of year Geography project - Create your own island (This is over two weeks, so for this week and next week - Work at your own pace through the slides given).
  • Create a Sports Day mascot/ PE activities.
  • Replicate Vincent van Gogh's - Starry Night painting.
  • Internet Safety activities from Thinkuknow.
  • Computing - Code Club task - Create a game in which you have to save the Earth from Space monsters.


This week's 'Reading task' is based on poetry. You may be familiar with one of them! wink


This Friday would have been our Sports Day. On Friday, I will be putting up some Sports Day activities that you can try at home and compete with your family members/carers or even socially distant with friends.


Tori - Your Kadinsky art work was fantastic from what I saw in school! Glad you enjoyed this! yes Painting your friend's nails pink sounds fun! hahah wink 


Ollie - Hope you had a fab birthday weekend! Your social distancing, 'Bring your own food' party sounds amazing! Hope you had lots of fun! I'm sure Mrs Goodey will be glad to know that you enjoyed her RE work set. Your work on Macavity was fantastic, especially your video that was sent in. I can tell how much you enjoyed creating this with your mum! Well done Ollie! laugh


Ayana - I know how you feel! Working from home just isn't quite the same, but keep being resilient and things will get better! Stay optimistic! Apologies, I didn't realise it was your birthday last Thursday until I saw your Socrative message! Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a chance to celebrate. I can see you had lots of food and cake! heart With your Reading Challenge book, feel free to put your Reading Challenge card in there so I can see what you got up to! Your year 6 teacher may not continue with this challenge, but it'd be great for me to see what you've been reading at home.


Abigail - Glad you enjoyed the majority of activities set from last week. Your drawings looked fab!yes Hahaha, love how you had a screwball icecream and thought of me! They are literally my favourite! That and bubblegum/raspberry icecream from the icecream van! 


Have a fab Monday and I look forward to hearing from more of you on Socrative!

Miss Mistry heart