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Miss Mistry

Hey Class 12!

Hope you're all staying safe and well!

Unfortunately, as the news revealed yesterday, Leicester is on a localised lockdown, which means our school will be closing to everyone but the children of key workers. You still have one more week of home learning before the Summer holidays. Check out this Newsround link for more information:

On a more positive note, you will be finding out who your new teacher will be... TOMORROW! I hope you're excited by this and this will lift your spirits! I wonder who you think you'll be having next year? hmmm!  Let me know on Socrative! 


I will be setting Sports Day tasks for you on Friday, so stay tuned for them!


Yesterday, we did a Sports Day with the year 6 children that are in. We did lots of racing, involving running and jumping, social distant of course! The children enjoyed it and were earning points for their houses. Today, they will find out which house won the most points overall, including merits given in class.


Lovely to see two Sports Day mascots that have been sent in to me by Abigail and Ollie. I'd love to see more, so get creative! laugh


I'd love to know if you've entered the 500 Words Competition set by Virgin Radio UK? (This can be found in the 'Extra Activities -Topic' folder). I would recommend that you all have a go and voice your opinions on this matter through storytelling! There are other fun activities in here for you to have a go at. I know those that were in on Monday have started working on 'The Starry Night' art work that was set!


Great to hear from lots of you on Socrative! Miss seeing you all! 


Isabel - Glad the home learning has been clear and easy to follow! 


Bradley - I'm sorry to hear that you're finding this tricky. Keep persevering and if you need any help with anything, just message on Socrative! I know it's not as helpful virtually, but just know that I am still here! 


Tori - Glad you're enjoying the English work set!


Emily - Please do! I look forward to reading your Certainty remix poem. I'm fab thank you!  Great to see you in school on Monday, smiling and being cheerful as always! Don't think I've ever not seen you smile,Emily! yes


Charlie - Glad you're getting on well with the home learning!


Niva - Wow! That sounds amazing! Let me know how you get on with helping your caterpillar evolve into a butterfly! Take photos along the way! I'd love to see them! laugh


Abigail - Aww Abigail! Very well deserved! Well done for your poem! yes


Today is our last day before the lockdown closure for those children that have returned back to school. We will be saying goodbye to year 6 and wishing them the best of luck for high school. 


I hope that despite the news of a localised lockdown, you find the time to still continue to do what you're doing! Stay positive and believe in yourself. I know it's hard trying to stay motivated after not seeing your teacher in over 14 weeks, including your class mates! Keep persevering - You have just over one week left! You can do it Class 12!


Sending you all lots of positivity!

Miss Mistry