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Miss Mistry

Good morning Class 12! laugh

Congratulations to this week's Stars of the Week!

I've chosen two this week, as I've seen great effort shown and also there has been lots of home learning sent via email to me.


Well done to Heather and Emily! Heather has shown great perseverance and hasn't left school since the lockdown, but she hasn't once complained! Emily wrote a lovely poem called 'Certainty remix!' laugh

Today would've been our Sports Day. I've planned some 'Lockdown Sports Day' activities for you in today's folder, so do give them a go! The 'Water race' in particular sounds very fun! Enjoy yourselves and do send me photos of any activities that you do complete. You don't have to do every single one, but remember participation is key!


Hope you're all excited to be in Mr Rodger's class! Year 6 is a good year to show what you've learnt throughout primary school in your SATs, and there's lots to enjoy too! I know some of you are nervous and excited, but I can reassure you that everything will be okay! 


Good to see that some of you would like to go for House Captain next year. Isabel thinks that Ollie and Lina would make great House Captains!


  • Isabel - I'm hoping to continue dancing in Dubai! I haven't ever stopped dancing since I was 8 years older, except for when I pulled a muscle in my leg. Even at university, I didn't stop and was part of the Cheerleading squad, where I was able to compete against other universities. I'm hoping to teach Bollywood dancing at my new school, but in terms of teaching dance over here, my little sister will be taking over my classes. She's a dancer too and loves choreographing!
  • Niva - Thank you for your kind words! I will miss you all lots too! You've been a great class and I'm gutted that our year was cut short! I do wish you the very best of luck in year 6 and for the future! I look forward to hearing all about how you're all doing from my lovely Hall School colleagues.
  • Ollie - Glad you're thinking about becoming a House Captain next year. I think you'd make a fab House Captain. Your confidence and supportive nature to others will help you!
  • Tori - I have seen lots of your home learning on Twitter and have been very impressed! Keep it up!
  • Ayana - I have seen your paper mache, Ancient Greek urn on Twitter. It looked fab! Well done Ayana!
  • Emily - Your 'Certainty remix' was beautifully performed! Well done Emily!
  • Sienna - Well done for creating a lovely art piece on The Starry Night! 
  • Heather - Miss Ingham sent me your work from last week on Vincent Van Gogh! Well done for researching this and presenting this on Word document.
  • Abigail - Aww your poem brought tears to my eyes! Very well written Abigail and I'm glad you've enjoyed year 5, even though the year was cut short. Appreciate you making me something handmade, thanks Abigail! - Yes, you can drop it off to the school office! laugh

Have a great weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

Miss Mistry heart