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Miss Mistry

Good morning Class 12! laugh

It's the last week of term and it has sure flown by!

I miss not seeing and teaching you, but hope that you're all staying safe!


Thank you to those of you that completed last Friday's Socrative quiz. It was just a bit of fun and remember you can strive to be anything you want be in life! laugh


This weekend, I taught a Bollywood dance class virtually on Friday. On Friday evening, my sister and I made a chocolate cheesecake, with oreos and smarties. See the photo at the bottom of the page! It was delicious! I've been on two runs this weekend and have enjoyed running around my nearby country park! On Saturday, my mum made my favourite, Chicken Biryani, which I love! In the evening, we watched TV as a family. Slumdog Millionaire was on and Michael McIntyre's Big Show, which I find very entertaining. On Sunday, I continued to finish off your end of year presents, that I started in the middle of lockdown. It has sure kept me busy and they look fab! They've all been handpainted by myself, so I hope you like them. There is a photo above and they've all been personalised with your names! Unfortunately, I won't be able to give them to you in person before the Summer holidays, but I'll keep them aside in school and you'll get them at the start of year 6.


For any key worker children that are in this week, I will be coming in on Thursday with Mrs Gohil and working with years 5 and 6, so do let me know if you're in too! laugh


I wonder what you've been up to this weekend? Do let me know on Socrative. I also have another question for you all to think about and respond on Socrative:


Imagine you are a teacher. If you could give 3 'End of Year' awards to anyone in our class, who would you give it to and for what reason? Try not to just pick your best friends and think of a valid reason.


I look forward to hearing your responses!

This is your last week! Let's all make the most of year 5 (even if it is virtually).

Do have a go at my Emoji Quiz that is up in today's folder.

In the 'Extra Activities - Topic' folder, there are also lots of fun activities for you to do!


Have a fab Monday everyone!
Best wishes,

Miss Mistry heart