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Miss Mistry

You’ve reached the end of year 5,

A year that will go down in history,

The rest is a mystery!


Our year was cut short,

You learnt new ways to learn and be home taught,

This virus taught us to love our friends and family,

And appreciate the little things in life happily!


We will never forget the exciting Year 5 Showcase,

Or venturing on a trip to understand Space.

Always remember to believe,

That you can be anything in life that you want to achieve!


Thank you for being a lovely class,

Always doing ‘Just Dance’ with great sass!

I’ll miss you all!

Always stand up tall!


Good luck for year 6 and the future!



Congratulations Class 12 for winning the TT Rockstars Battle! I knew you could do it! yes


Thank you for the lovely cards and presents left in the school office! I appreciate your kind messages sent via Socrative and wish you all the very best for year 6! 

I will miss you all very much, but I have faith in you all that you'll all do fab next year!

There’s lots to look forward to next year and you’ll have lots of fun with Mr Rodger! laugh


Well, that's it from me! My last message to you all! sadcrying


Thanks once again for making my time at The Hall School very special! 

Sending lots of love to you all!

Have a fab Summer! laugh

Miss Mistry 



P.s. If you'd like to leave any messages, I've left Socrative open!