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Miss Newball

Happy Friday Year 5!!! smiley


How was your week? Hopefully you've all had a productive and fun time. It makes such a difference when we have nice weather! I have enjoyed being out in the garden lots this week. I have also been getting out and about a little more for exercise now that we are allowed more than an hour! Being outdoors certainly makes me feel more positive.


On Wednesday, my friends and family surprised me with a Baby Shower on video call. They had sent presents to my house and set up quizzes and games for us to play over video call. It really did make my week. It just shows how being kind and thoughtful makes people feel. My friends and family made me feel so loved and special. heart


In terms of my character values, I am happy with what I have achieved this week.

Thoughtfulness/optimism- One thing that I have thought about this week is how amazing it is to see so many families out together during this time. I really believe that it has allowed families to spend more valuable time together.


Manners- I have been really careful about how I talk to my daughter this week and it is definitely showing. Every time my partner and I finish a job she now claps and says 'good job'. Very cute! I hope that you show good manners to your family and friends.


Anyway, as you know I am expecting my second child and I officially finish work next week when you are all on your school holidays. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being such a fantastic year group to teach. I  enjoyed teaching you all so much and I'm super sad that it was cut short but I look forward to seeing you when I'm back at work next year.


Keep being amazing and take care.


Miss Newball heart