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Miss Taylor

Good morning Year 5.


It's the final week before half term! I hope you had a good weekend and you're looking forward to the learning this week.


I hope you had a nice weekend.  I enjoyed going on a couple of really nice long walks and doing an online quiz with my friends. There was even a question about the Ancient Greeks!


You are still working incredibly hard, thank you for that. The leaflets and adverts that you shared fro last week's literacy work were amazing!


Although the government are trying to move us towards things getting more towards how they used to be, things are still very strange and difficult. This week I am going to work on

Optimism and Resilience to help me deal with how things are hopefully going to change and also Creativity because I haven't done and art this week and it is something I would like to do more of.


I hope you are all doing well, what values are you going to work on this week?


Take care and keep up the great work.