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Welcome to our website. We hope you will find our site useful and easy to navigate.


Good morning to you all!! We hope that you have enjoyed your Easter holidays. Welcome to the Summer Term! We hope that everyone will make an effort to complete Home Learning tasks.


We’d like to start by hearing what you’ve been up to.

You can post your responses here.


Once you've clicked on the link, Into the ‘Room Name’ box, type CHESTER263 if you’re in Class 14 and RODGER8236 if you’re in Class 13. Then click 'JOIN'.


Then type in your first name and last name initial so that we know who has answered. Then click 'DONE'.


You will then be taken to the question and a box in which to answer.

Once you have submitted your response, click ‘OK’. It will say ‘You‘ve completed the current activity. Waiting for the next activity to begin…

At that point, you can exit. We look forward to reading your responses. We aren’t able to respond to you personally, but we will read everything that you tell us.



Now for today’s learning:


The Daily Joke: laugh

I wrote a song about a tortilla...

(punchline is at the bottom)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.


Spelling Groups 1 and 2

We are really going to focus on the Years 5/6 list. Each week, we will show a piece of work that has been completed by Mr Whoops. In each piece of writing, he has spelt some of the Years 5/6 words incorrectly – whoops! Your job is to spot the words he has spelt incorrectly and have a go at writing them correctly in your workbook. We will put up the answers tomorrow so you can check that you spotted them all and spelt them correctly.


If you usually have your own spellings, here they are:



After a warm-up, you are going to continue the unit of work about ‘angles’. The focus is vertically opposite angles. There is a video to watch, then a task to complete. You can answer the questions in your exercise book.

Remember, you can pause the video at any point.

Start by watching the video and then open the pdf sheet underneath for the questions.

Angles Lesson 4


For English, there is a grammar booklet based on sentences, clauses and phrases. Each page contains a reminder before a quick task. You completed the first part of this task before Easter. Indicate the correct answer in your exercise book in an appropriate manner. There is no need for excessive copying, just apply some common sense. If the question asks you to circle a word, just write the word down. If you’re asked to tick an option, just refer to it as option 1, 2, 3 or 4.


You are going to do some science work, this week, to finish off our topic about living things. Please right click on the PDF to open it in another tab. Watch the video clips below when prompted to do so.


Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3

Video Clip 4

Video Clip 5

Video Clip 6


We will be following up your learning with tasks over the next couple of days.



We hope that you have continued to enjoy reading whilst we have been away from school. We have put some more book reviews into the English Reading section of our part of the website. Have a look: there’s a really good variety and something for everyone.


Knowledge Organisers

These have been uploaded into the Knowledge Organiser section for the Summer Term. We will hopefully be back at school to ensure that we can get as much of the teaching and learning completed as possible!



The Daily Joke Punchline: laughlaugh

Well actually, it’s more of a rap.