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Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 4! One week to go till Easter!! We hope you and your families are all doing well and that you are enjoying the home learning experience. This week we have got lots of nice activities planned some of which relate to Easter. There is also a separate Easter Page which we will be putting activities onto over the course of the week. Well done for all the hard work last week! It was great to see so many of you engaging on Socrative. As always, be sure to check the class pages for notifications:


Today we would like you to practice your handwriting by copying out the poem as neatly as possible into your handwriting books (try out your new pen!). Make sure to use your joined up handwriting and to use the lines provided in your books carefully!


Picture 1


Hello Year 4! This week we are going to continue looking at decimals starting today with dividing a 2-digit number by 10. To start off, we would like you to spend a little bit of time working on the next part of your booklet. We will have this finished by the end of the week!

Next, we would like you to carefully watch the video on dividing by 10. Can you remember our stem sentence from when we were at school? What do we do when we divide by 10? Don't forget, you can pause the video to answer the questions. You may wish to answer the questions as you go along. Here's the link in case the video doesn't load:


Still image for this video

Hopefully you found the video useful. Don't forget our stem sentence: When you divide a number by 10 you shift all the digits one space to the right. We would now like you to have a go at the questions if you haven't done so already. Please write the short date (23/03/20) at the top and the subject (Maths). Remember, give it your best go! If you choose to print the sheets out, either staple or glue them into your books.



As it would have been our Easter production this week, we thought it would be nice to give you some drama related activities. There are lots of warm-ups and games coming up that you could play on your own, with your family or maybe you could connect with a friend virtually?!



It will soon be Easter! 

In France the Easter bunny delivers the chocolate eggs and the church bells do too! Watch the clip below. Try to guess what it might be saying!  Use the pictures to help you!


La légende des cloches de Pâques - Easter in France - Ostern in Frankreich.mp4

Still image for this video

Every day the church bells usually ring in France. 

On the Friday and Saturday before Easter Sunday the bells don’t ring anymore.

People say that the bells have gone to Rome to visit the Pope.

They come back and ring again on  Easter Sunday.  It says that on Sunday ‘C’est Pâques’

This means ‘It is Easter’.

On their way back the bells drop chocolate eggs into people’s gardens.  

Task: Can you make a French Easter card with the Easter bells on?

You could write 'C’est Pâques’' on the front or ‘Joyeuses Pâques’ (Happy Easter).

I have attached two youtube clips showing how to draw bells!


Happy Easter everyone!

Apprendre à dessiner des cloches de Pâques.mp4

Still image for this video

Dessiner des cloches ( de pâques par exemple ).mp4

Still image for this video


How might Christians describe Jesus?

(healer, miracle man, leader, role model...).

Find a clip on youtube of the Easter story to remind yourself.

Your task today is to create a piece of artwork that expresses the idea of being lost and then found. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



On Sunday, the clocks "sprang" forward one hour.

Listen to, and join in with this song. 

Can you sing all the different parts and keep in time with all the parts being sung at once?

Perform this song to someone in your house, you might ask someone to sing a different part to you!




    Start the clock!

A    Tick-tock, the winter has stopped
      So the clocks go forward, if you like it or not.


B    We'll be happy when the days are long,
      But we'll all be sleepy in the morning!


C    Don't forget to change the clock
      One whole hour, forward.

      Don't forget to change your clock!



Tick Tock - vocal guide.mp3

Tick Tock.mp3


This week, we would like you to continue to go onto socrative to share your reflections with us. It was lovely hearing all of the wonderful things that you have been doing at home and it also gave us a good opportunity to see who has been engaging with the activities. 


If you are with Mr Nagar, please type in the code: CLASS9AN followed by your name. 


If you are with Miss Ingham, please type in the code: INGHAM6508 followed by your name.



Below, we have some provided some useful links which you may wish to have a look at. This includes, Spellodrome, Newsround, TT Rockstars and also PE with Joe. Give it a go yes Please don't feel as though you need to do everything, these are just some nice ideas for you to challenge yourself. 


There is a nice reading activity at the bottom if you wish to have a go.