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Good morning to you all!! We hope that you have enjoyed your break and are ready for more learning.


The Daily Joke: laughlaugh

What did the big flower say to the little flower?

(answer is at the bottom)


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For this week’s maths, you are going to focus on percentages. Today, you will recap fraction and percentage equivalence. There is a video to watch, then a task to complete. You can answer the questions in your exercise book.

Remember, you can pause the video at any point.

Start by watching the video and then open the pdf sheet underneath for the questions.

Maths Percentages 1



We’d like you to complete the vocabulary task – see what you can remember!

There is no need to print the pages. Just answer the questions in your exercise book. If there is a multiple choice question, just write the correct option Just think how you’d answer it if you were using a whiteboard in Boosters – that’ll be fine.



We’ve opened up Socrative so that you can comment on how you’re feeling about returning to school (or not returning to school as the case may be).

We know that you would all like to be back in your classes in your usual room – so would we! We also know that you understand why things have to be the way they are. It’s not an ideal situation for any of us, but we want to say thank you in advance for coming back to school with a positive attitude.

The Socrative is a chance for you to tell us of any worries that you may have or ask questions or make a comment. You don’t need to say anything at all if you don’t want to – the option is there for you if you would like to take it up.

You can post your responses here.


Once you've clicked on the link, into the ‘Room Name’ box, type CHESTER263 if you’re in Class 14 and RODGER8236 if you’re in Class 13. Then click 'JOIN'.

Then type in your first name and last name initial so that we know who has answered. Then click 'DONE'.

 You will then be taken to the question and a box in which to answer.

Once you have submitted your response, click ‘OK’. It will say ‘You‘ve completed the current activity. Waiting for the next activity to begin…

At that point, you can exit.


The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh

Hi, bud!