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Good morning to you all!! We hope that you all had a lovely weekend.

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The Daily Joke: laugh

What do you call a flower that runs on electricity?

(answer is at the bottom)


Click here for today’s Newsround Story.


If you usually have your own spellings, here they are:



For this week’s maths, you are going to focus on pie charts. Today, you learn about how to interpret a pie chart. Pie charts are tricky because they require a knowledge of fractions, percentages and angles!


Open the PowerPoint for today’s lesson. Please view it in ‘Slide Show’ mode (look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to find the downloaded document). You may enable editing.


Once you have worked through the PowerPoint, there is a task to complete. You can answer the questions in your exercise book.

If you would like an extra challenge, here it is:



Today, you are going to continue with the story of Treasure Island. The focus for today is using retrieval and inference. Right click on the pdf to open it in a new window or tab. There will be some questions for you to answer in your book.


Click here for the video when prompted to do so.

The Daily Joke Answer: laughlaugh

A power plant!