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Monday's Learning


Good Morning Year One! 



We hope you are keeping well and have enjoyed your weekend with family.

Here we are in the final week of this academic year, your Year One journey is coming to an end but an exciting new chapter is beginning. You now know who your Year Two teacher will be and please make sure you have taken a look at the letter that Miss Follows and Miss Tomlinson have written you. You will find it on our main page.


Because this year has been a little bit different we wanted to write you all a letter also. You will find it below. 




We hope you enjoy this week's learning!

A Letter for Year One

At the end of the year, we like to get all the children a little something to remind them of us and as a thank you for all of the hard work they have put into their learning. This year we have created a special poster that you can print out and keep as a memory of our year together in Year 1. The posters are attached below...we hope you like it! 




As this week is our final week in Year One together we thought it would be nice to reflect on the lovely year we've had and look forward to the exciting year ahead. 


This week your English activities will help you to create a special memory book of your time spent in Year One. 


We will add a selection of activities and ideas which you can choose from each day. 


Then at the end of the week you can add all of your pages together to make your memory book. 



We thought it might be nice to begin with a creative task. Below you will find a template for the front page of your memory book or scrapbook.

If you're feeling artistic you could come up with your own design. 


Next we have added some photo booth props for you to add in a photograph of your last week in Year One. We would usually take a photograph of us all together. 


Have fun!



Each day this week we will upload a mystery maths problem for you to solve. They will help you to practise and apply the maths skills we've learnt together this year. 


Your first problem of the week is a money problem to remind you of what we learnt last week. It might be a good idea to grab some coins to help you with this one. 



Did you find the 5 different ways to make 6p?


Can you have a go with a different amount?