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Mrs Gohil

Hello class 11,


how are you all? I hope you are still enjoying the home learning activities you are being set. Don't forget it is Music, French and RE today. Congratulations on winning the TT Rockstars battle with year 4. You all helped to win so well done.


A massive thank you to all the children who are still sending in work via email or Twitter. I have seen some excellent Wonder drawings and even a Science video by Ellie.  Have a look at the slideshow of work we have put up on the weekly folder. I have missed hearing from you on Socrative and seeing your work, I have also missed writing daily messages to you all and so we have decided to try and write you a note Monday to Friday as we did before. Hopefully I will hear some more from you too.


Socrative is open for your Friday Reflection today. I thought it would be nice for you to write a message for someone else in the class on there and then I can put it on the website for us all to see. Think about a positive comment you could make or even let a friend now you are missing them. There are also lots of things going on in the world right now that we would be discussing if we were in school. Have you been watching/listening to anything on the news that you would like to discuss? Write it on Socrative for me to read. 

Room name: RMJRPQG


Some have asked after Miss Newball. She has had a baby boy called Ezra and is doing very well.

Isla, we will be doing Star of the Week next week.

Reuben, thank you for sending your message yesterday and you are absolutely correct, we would have discussed this had we been in school. Miss Mistry and I agree we need to do something and so we will be planning something for next week - watch this space!

Logan B, I would love to hear This is Me on the keyboard, maybe send a video.

Ross, remote control cars in the park sounds like lots of fun.

Isla and Amy, collaborating online for a story is a good use of technology and a great way to improve one another.

Abigael, hope your brother's birthday was fun and a unicorn bookmark sounds very creative.

Fern, art and walks keep you active and busy, good use of your time.yes 


It has been nice to see some familiar faces around school, Rocco, Liam, Grayson and Alis. We have been very busy with the year 6's, we did idioms today and we have put some up for you to try to. I am enjoying being back but it is not the same as having you all back in the classroom. I am missing you all very much and I am looking forward to when I can say hello to you all in person again. I am trying to keep staying positive and look for the positives in the current situation. Things can at times get hard, you may receive bad news that you can not do anything about, you may have questions that you can't have answered but there are always things around you that can put a smile on your face. Focus on the positive! If you do want to talk or send me a message, please email and I will personally email you back.


Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend. I hope the weather improves and you can start to spend more time with friends and family in your gardens and at parks. I look forward to hearing from you today. 


See you on Monday, (a message from me on Monday) laugh


Mrs Gohil heart