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Mrs Gohil

Good morning year 5,


So, who has been enjoying the thunder and lightening over the last few days. We were watching the lightening on Monday night from our living room window and I saw amazing lightening forks streak across the sky. I was very glad I was inside! Yesterday, whilst outside teaching P.E with the year 6 children, it started pouring, we had to hot foot it back inside. 


Hopefully the weather will pick up soon as it was supposed to be our Sponsored Walk this Friday. As it is such a popular event, we thought it would be a good idea for you to try and take part at home. Can you go for a long walk with your family, you could try dressing up or even walk laps around the garden with someone stamping each lap you complete. Let us know on Twitter or by email what you did.

Here is what the newsletter said:


Thank you for the Socrative messages that were left. 

Ilsa - an escape room in your room sounds amazing, that is one of my most favourite things to do.

Liam - a six week old puppy! surprise I bet it is really cute.

Reuben - movie nights are great, we watching Maleficent 2 too, it was good. (P.S. don't be shy, just say hi wink)

Logan B - play 'This is me' whenever you are ready. I have managed to learn how to play 'What shall we do with a drunken sailor' on the piano during my time at home. The book has moved onto chords, it is really hard!


Enjoy the rest of the week, remember to keep emailing your work in, I do love looking at what you have been up to. Leave a message or comment on Socrative for me!


Take care, keep smiling,

Mrs Gohil heart