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Mrs Gohil

Good morning year 5,


I hope you are all happy and enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday, that's more like it I say!


Thank you for the Socrative comment. There were lots of ideas from Abigael about what races/activities we can do. James, a howler would be good but do you think everyone would have a howler? I am not so sure. What else could we use instead? Reuben, an obstacle course sounds like a great idea. 


Some of you did try to take part in the Sponsored Walk. Isla, drawing a may to follow sounds exciting and adventurous. Don't worry about collect money, we didn't want you to do that. Alis, yes a bike ride does count. Reuben, walking around the garden multiple times works too! Well done to all of you who took part. 


I have been in school today and we have been thinking about the challenges of next academic year. We have many decisions to make but we are always thinking about how it would impact on the children. We always have your best interests at heart. 


I hope to give you some news soon, take care of yourselves,

Mrs Gohil.