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Mrs Gohil

Good morning class 11,


What a hot day it was yesterday! It was definitely the hottest day of the year. I hope you all kept drinking lots to stay hydrated and wore sunscreen when you were outside. 


Thank you to the few suggestion for the year 6 children. I know the year 6 children are a little disappointed that they will not get the normal send off they get on the last day of term. Showing them a song from year 5 would really put a smile on their faces. Keep think about what song we could use and what lyrics we can have. Socrative is still open. 

Room name: RMJRPQG



I was listening to the radio today and heard that Chris Evans was launching a special 500 Words competition based on Black Lives Matter. If you remember, Miss Ingham ran a club for children to write a story for the competition in school, a few children in our class took part. 

Here is the winning entry from the 5 - 9 age range category.


"Oh! Here's Fajar, she shoots! What a goal!"

"The crowd roars. Look at her dramatic celebration!"

"What a powerful tackle! Here's Fajar again, the goalie goes in for the save, and she shoots! What a powerful shot! It's another goal!

"The ref whistles for full time. Syria have won!"

"Time for bed," mama interrupts. "Have you filled the water bucket?"

"Sorry mama," I groan.

"You aren't playing those fantasy games again, are you habibti *?"

I lumber into my scruffy tent and dive onto my decaying sheets. I wish I was a real footballer, then we could afford to live in a proper house. Not in a lousy refugee camp!

I hardly sleep a wink that humid night under the Syrian moon. I am too busy remembering the bright green shutters of our old home, but that's gone now.


I wake with a start.

"We need to find cover!" Mama cries. "The alqanabil are coming!"

Bright, burning flames crash against the dry earth. Scarlet ashes scatter as if they are being hunted down. The earth shakes under the weight of the thunderous weapons. The noise is deafening. We slip and stumble away from the camp, trying to find cover.

"Quick! To the mountain! I know a route up there!" I call out to mama behind me.

As we clamber up the steep cliff I hear a high-pitched scream. I shudder. Death is on the doorstep for us all.

We find a craggy cave hidden behind a tattered tree atop the mountainous rocks. We lie huddled on the rough floor, wondering what to do next. I wake at dawn, shivering from the cold. I sneak out, careful not to wake mama. Under the horizon I can vaguely make out the shape of the camp, blackened and charred from the alqanabil. Sadness overcomes me. This is the second time my home has been destroyed. I look around to see if there is anything to eat. I distinguish a cluster of figs high up in the branches of the tree. I stretch, but I can't reach them. What should I do? Then I spot a rusty can amongst the rocks. I pick it up and place it about a metre away from the edge of the cliff and kick it as hard as I can. It flies up above my head, faster and faster. Then finally it strikes the middle of the branch the figs are on. The branch begins to shake, then it snaps, and the figs fall into the soft bushes below them. I feel proud as a peacock, as if I have scored the winning goal!

"Mama! I found us something to eat!"

Mama stares at me, speechless, then hugs me weakly.

We eat gleefully. Pulp and seeds go everywhere.

Maybe I will be a famous footballer one day, but for now I have mama to care for, and I have hope. That's a great start.


Habibti: darling in Arabic

Alqanabil: bombs in Arabic


I wonder you would like to enter the competition.. You have 500 words to write a short story. I have included the link below if this is something you would like to do. You can email the school office with your entry for me to look at.


Click on the picture for more information. 


Here is another link to read some other entry winners from this year. There are also videos of celebrities reading out the winning stories. Hopefully you will be inspired. 




The deadline is soon so you've got to be quick. Good luck


I hope you have a good day today,


Mrs Gohil