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Mrs Gohil

Happy Friday class 11,

It is Funny Register, do something silly to make yourself laugh. Congratulations to Aryan on achieving Star of the Week, the poem was very thoughtful.


I hope you have had a good week and enjoyed the learning. I understand that it must be hard to keep motivated and keep working hard on your tasks but there are only 2 weeks left so keep it up. I can see many of you have been on Kahoot so you are still accessing the home learning, for maths at least. 


I have set up a new Socrative to hear about your week and your weekend plans, I have also included some quizzes to try such as 'Where's Wally' and 'What can you see?'


I have had a few more suggestions for a year 6 song, I like the 'We will, we will, miss you' idea by Queen. It is hard to think of lyrics when you don't have a tune, how about some ideas for specific year 6 children and their talent/interests/memorable moments. 


I hope you have a good weekend, stay safe and positive,


Mrs Gohilsmiley